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full traceability for

ultimate robustness

The Defence industry requires the highest specification materials, solderable finishes and technologies. Uncompromising quality, reliability and traceability are all crucial when providing products for this sector.  

With the introduction of RoHS compliance in 2002 (fully enforced from January 2003), many
subcontract assembly companies completely stopped supporting soldering methods which
contained the relevant banned substances (particularly lead). What was important for us
was to continue to offer an alternative to 'lead-free' where our clients were exempt from the regulations.

With Defence companies, it is imperative that we were able to continue to use 'lead' in our
manufacturing process and so we still, to this day, offer the facility to be able to use solder
pastes and wire that contain lead for the assembly of exempt products.

Combining this with our full traceability through approved origins and strict production methods we are a logical choice for client's operating in the defence industry. We offer X-Raying of the products complete with images to establish / avoid 'air voiding' of over 35% on the 'reflowed' solder joints.

Often reworking on these products is not allowed due to their complex assemblies and therefore our 'right first time' approach is not only appreciated, but imperative to the longevity and reliability of the finished product. Critical to this sector, is ensuring data such as engineering drawings and specification are kept securely, all of which UK Circuits can ensure. 




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