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For many years

UK Circuits find with our Rail clients, we are often producing assemblies that form part of a contract that is to be installed / commissioned a year or more after we have delivered our piece of the puzzle. The products go through several final assembly stages and various methods of cyclic testing lasting months.

For our Automotive clients, there are many types of electronic systems in today's cars, therefore the type of PCBs needed can vary greatly. Equally, as technology moves forward, the need for PCBs is ever growing. This can include PCBs for enhanced efficiency and safety which includes lights, transmission control and comfort and entertainment control. These types of material require boards and PCBs to support long life cycles and stand tough use due to high temperatures and 'wear and tear'. 

Once the products are finally installed our clients would be expected to warranty these
products and ensure reliability for many years after. We find this to be true of both of our
rail and automotive clients. In order for this to be possible, our clients need a supply partner who appreciates and supports this, and also one they are confident will still be around throughout the significant lifetime of their products.

In the case of automotive where detailed control plans and strict adherence to procedures /
audits are required in order to fulfil COP approvals, UK Circuits can form part of this rigorous
process ensuring a satisfactory outcome with relative ease.




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