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Why businesses should outsource their PCB manufacturing during Covid-19

4 January, 2021

Why businesses should outsource their PCB manufacturing during Covid-19

The pandemic has impacted businesses across the globe, shaking the economy and creating yet more turbulent, uncertain times ahead. Business owners are looking for ways to stay afloat without resorting to layoffs, yet face the increasing likelihood of redundancies becoming a reality when furlough ends this summer.

While firms fight for survival with the prospect of limited operational capacity and a shrinking headcount, they also have to find ways to ensure they can still meet their customers’ needs as and when products are required, by delivering the same high level of efficiency via a highly skilled workforce.

As a result, outsourcing is needed now more than ever, offering you the necessary resources and capabilities to meet demand and keep your business’ reputation intact, while helping you to develop greater business agility and resilience. For smaller firms it enables access to expertise, while bigger firms can typically benefit from increased margins. While outsourcing remains a key longer-term strategy for most firms, bringing benefits such as improved performance, flexibility, costs reduction and better efficiencies, here is why outsourcing contract electronics manufacturing right now could provide the ideal solution for you in these challenging economic times.

Firstly, it’s important to have a clear understanding of which parts of a your manufacturing process can be or needs to be outsourced. This makes switching production to the right contract electronics manufacturer a relatively simple process.

Then in order to identify the best fit to meet your organisation’s needs, the second step is for you to make a clear assessment of their core competencies.

The assessment should address the following criteria:  

  • Sufficient internal resources – whether there is adequate in-house manufacturing capability to successfully manage the potential fluctuations in customer demand.
  • The outsourcing benefits - whether a contract electronics manufacturer with specialist knowledge of the product technology would add value to your company’s manufacturing process.

There are multiple advantages to outsourcing a contract electronics manufacturer, but the key factor is hiring the right contract electronics partner, one that can deliver cost-efficiency and reliability, both of which will play a pivotal role in your business’ bottom line. It is also important to consider the reputation of a contract electronics manufacturer, in order to ensure it can deliver the highest quality service while meeting production demand.

Having the right contract electronics partner, such as UK Circuits, means your business has on-tap access to:

  • dedicated manufacturing facilities
  • a robust supply network
  • prototyping and manufacturing expertise
  • comprehensive testing capability
  • world-class assembly technology
  • audited quality processes
  • high feeder capacity
  • a complete, transparent supply chain management system

We have a wealth of experience in delivering outsourcing solutions to manufacturing businesses all across the UK, with our electronic assembly specialists on hand to deliver a cost effective and reliable solution to minimise business disruption and offer a viable contingency plan. From PCB assembly to product assembly and more, we can offer support with whichever part of the process you need assistance with.

Choose a qualified, reliable and reputable PCB assembly partner

Choosing the right PCB assembly partner for your needs is vital to help you navigate through these difficult times. That is why the team at UK Circuits is strongly positioned to offer businesses the right level of support with its outsourced contract electronics manufacturing services designed to respond to the rises and falls in demand.

It is crucial that the contract electronics manufacturer you choose has the necessary industry experience as well as full compliance with national and international standards, alongside the manufacturing capacity, equipment and technical know-how to meet the expectations of you and your customers.

We are fully adept at handling any part of the PCB manufacturing process, from purchasing and building to testing and beyond. Talk to us now about your manufacturing needs so that we can inspect and assess your requirements so we can advise on the correct technology.

Want to find out how UK Circuits can benefit your business through our outsourced electronics expertise?

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