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UK electronics manufacturer wins new sports entertainment contract

3 April, 2024

Electronics manufacturing company, UK Circuits, have won a contract to produce technology for interactive products used in sports entertainment and leisure.

UK Circuits provides electronics to a variety of industries and has now broken new ground in the sports entertainment sector.

With increasing demand for physical entertainment and leisure, younger generations in particular are seeking new ways to have fun. As a result, sports entertainment companies are using exciting technology to create interactive experiences on high streets and shopping complexes nationwide.

“After our most successful year on record, we’re motivated to continue pushing into new areas. Winning our first sports entertainment client is exciting and we look forward to delivering innovative and high-quality electronics that enable them to entertain thrill-seekers” says Marc Ellis, Managing Director of UK Circuits.

With an ultra-modern facility that spans over 20,000 sq ft and a team of over 60 skilled staff, UK Circuits stands out as one of Britain’s leading contract manufacturers of electronics.

With over 25 years of experience, the Manchester based company produces both surface-mounted (on Printed Circuit Boards or PCBs) and conventionally assembled (through-the-hole) electronics for over 100 customers.

Their newest client produces equipment used in the latest generation of hospitality and leisure venues which blend sports activities and interactive entertainment with food and drink.

With a modern twist on many classic and popular sports and pastimes, they use new technology, lights and sound to deliver bar-based activities and games which are increasingly appearing in town centres and retail developments.

UK Circuits has achieved notable growth within the last year, in part due to investments in new equipment and technology. This has allowed them to install new conveyors, stackers and a state-of-the-art wave soldering machine.

“Investments in our equipment and staff training has allowed us to handle larger volume projects. This in turn has enabled us to manufacture industry-leading electronics for an even greater range of exciting, vibrant and growing industries” continues Marc.

The company has built a client base covering numerous industries including industrial, lighting, automotive, rail, pest control and defence. The contract from the sports entertainment brand is a positive sign of what UK Circuits hopes to achieve throughout the year in new market sectors.