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UK Circuits sees more UK companies choosing ‘partners, not suppliers’ to improve supply chain stability

27 June, 2024

Contract manufacturing specialists, UK Circuits, are seeing an increasing desire from UK companies forming closer partnerships with British manufacturers.

Global supply chain delays, shortfalls in quality and fewer cost benefits in imported goods have benefitted domestic manufacturing, as British and European companies seek trusted partners closer to home.

As a result, UK Circuits say they have seen more and more businesses chose to work with a local manufacturer that acts as more of a partner, than simply a supplier.  

“With UK supply chains moving away from imported materials and components in 2024, more British companies are appreciating the better support and quality of service they receive when partnering with a domestic manufacturer. We believe that this will change the market going forward with more focus on partners, not suppliers” says Marc Ellis, Managing Director of UK Circuits.

According to a survey on 320 companies by the trade body Make UK, the share of manufacturing businesses experiencing an improvement in their order books has doubled in the past three months.

Furthermore, Make UK is expecting manufacturing to grow by 1.2% in 2024, beating anticipated GDP growth of just 0.9%.

Much of this is a result of narrowed cost differentials between domestic and international manufacturing. However, UK Circuits believe that the growing success is also attributed to the service received when partnering with a local manufacturer.

“Manufacturing isn’t just about numbers anymore. Companies want a partner who can ensure their products are made to a high standard from design to delivery. We believe UK companies choosing a manufacturer are now prioritising the added value of clearer communication, increased flexibility on deliverance, and greater reliability from a domestic partner that’s closer to home” adds Marc.

UK Circuits is a leading contract electronics manufacturer based in Manchester with a 20,000 sq ft state-of-the-art facility which employs over 60 skilled staff.

With more than 25 years of experience, UK Circuits excels in producing both surface-mounted electronics on Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and conventionally assembled (through-the-hole) electronics for over 100 clients across Britain.

As a manufacturer operating across integral UK sectors, UK Circuits are confident that their client listing will expand as more companies look for trusted partnerships for their product assembly.

“As more companies recognise the reduced stress from improved supply chain stability with a trusted electronics manufacturer, we predict there will be continued growth for contract manufacturers across the UK in the years to come” concludes Marc.

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