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UK Circuits achieve international environmental standard

13 February, 2024

Contract electronics manufacturer, UK Circuits, have achieved the internationally recognised ISO 14001 standard with complete compliance.

As part of a programme of actions to continually increase their sustainability, the Manchester-based manufacturer passed the audit to achieve the certification without a single non-conformity.

“Decreasing our environmental impact is a core value at UK Circuits, so passing this standard with complete compliance is a proud achievement” says Marc Ellis, Managing Director of UK Circuits.

From their 20,000 sq ft state-of-the-art facility, UK Circuits manufacture electronic products which are used in products including pest control devices, music equipment, lighting and industrial sensors.

With over 25 years’ experience, they produce both surface-mounted (on Printed Circuit Boards or PCBs) and conventionally assembled (through-the-hole) electronics.

As a contract electronics manufacturer, they produce electronic sub-systems for use in products produced by other brands.

“Sustainability is one of the top concerns facing all our clients and their customers, so as a trusted part of their supply chain it is important we do our best to improve it too” adds Marc.

The ISO 14001 standard for environmental management provides a framework for organisations to design and implement processes which continually improve their sustainability.

By adhering to the standard, businesses can take proactive measures to minimise their environmental footprint and achieve green objectives.

“The ISO 14001 standard is just one part of our plans but it is a key foundation as it helps us focus on finding ways to reduce energy use, minimise waste and choose more sustainable materials” states Marc.

UK Circuits, which employs over 60 skilled staff, have invested widely in training and machinery which has increased their automation and capabilities, enabling them to be more efficient.

In achieving the ISO 14001 standard, the firm has also put in place measures which challenge existing processes to help them find more sustainable processes, materials, packaging and logistics.

“As a British electronics manufacturer, one of our major benefits is that we help our clients avoid the emission generated by shipping electronics from Asia” concludes Marc.

In 2023, the UK market for manufacturing electronic systems for other companies was estimated to be worth 2.3 billion pounds. UK Circuits themselves have grown year-on-year, including 13% in 2023.

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