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Most frequently asked questions on contract product assembly: Part 2

2 March, 2021

Most frequently asked questions on contract product assembly: Part 2

Whether you’re a small, big or medium business, choosing to outsource your product assembly to a contract equipment manufacturer could prove an extremely wise move. Outsourcing to a specialised partner allows access to skills, abilities, expertise and technologies you may otherwise not have access to.

To ensure you’re choosing the right contract product assembly partner tailored to your specific requirements, here are some key FAQs to ensure your partnership with a contract equipment manufacturer is successful:

What happens if my product assembly requirements have changed?

Sometimes, even with the most robust planning in place, not everything pans out as expected owing to various unforeseen factors, forcing your requirements to change. For instance, this could mean changes to the composition of your product which need to be made or you need to meet a spike in demand for your product. Should this be the scenario that your business finds itself faced with, then a contract equipment manufacturer can provide you with the capacity and flexibility required thanks to its own capabilities and resources. Your partner’s priorities will be to ensure that you keep your responsiveness to a consistently high level and that any increased lead times are prevented.

What are the key benefits of contract product assembly to my business?

There are many clear business benefits to using contract product assembly that makes the decision a no-brainer for most companies. Using a contract equipment manufacturer helps you gain a competitive advantage and become a strong differential in the marketplace. Other pros include reduced overheads, greater capacity and flexibility, improved efficiency and productivity, higher-quality products and quicker time-to-market.

Additionally, hiring a contract equipment manufacturer frees up your capital to focus on core activities in your business, while giving you the peace of mind knowing that all your profits are not simply getting funnelled into keeping the business running and that you have a high-quality outsourcing partner producing your product.

Outsourcing has always been part and parcel of the manufacturing world as the concept of delegating services to third party contractors can have a huge impact on a company’s bottom line.

Is it expensive to transfer production to a contract equipment manufacturer?

No. It is a process that is easily manageable. As part of their commitment, a contract electronics manufacturer will make sure that the transfer of product assembly is seamless, through utilising their personnel and resources. This will not cause any disturbance to your manufacturing output and market supply, offering you hassle-free product assembly transfer.

Whether transferring from an in-house facility or even another contractor, a reliable contract assembly partner will have the flexibility to offer you a service that meets your exact circumstances and needs. Furthermore, the move offers your business a range of cost-efficiencies.

When is the right time to involve a contract equipment manufacturer?

To reap the full benefit of contract product assembly services, it’s always best to get an outsourcing partner onboard from the outset and as early as possible. Being on the ball with timing is important and has a range of benefits, from greater flexibility in the product development and assembly cycle, easier transition between product manufacturing phases, increased supply chain security and a reduction in overall costs.

Where does UK Circuits carry out its product assembly work?

UK Circuits is a UK-based company providing design, rapid prototypes, manufacture, quality and testing for PCBs using surface mount and conventional (through hole) assembly.

Our offices and facilities are situated in the Greater Manchester electronics corridor, which is where all of our product and PCB manufacturing and assembly activity takes place. Furthermore, the partners we use for various product and PCB-related activities are also based in the UK, covering a broad range of sectors including Industrial, Lighting, Automotive, Rail, Pest control, Audio and Defence to name a few.

Want to know more about UK Circuits product assembly services? Looking for a reliable contract assembly partner who is flexible and can grow with you?

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