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Most frequently asked questions on contract product assembly: Part 1

25 February, 2021

Outsourcing product assembly to a contract equipment manufacturer provides some clear benefits, such as helping grow your business and increasing your bottom line. It’s a significant step that more OEMs and Tier 1 manufacturers are taking to help bolster their manufacturing process, cut turnaround times and reduce costs.

Part of the decision-making process in opting to outsource your product assembly involves carrying out due diligence and knowing how an outsourcing partnership will work.

Below we have pulled together some common questions asked to help you find the answers to your contract product assembly queries, to set you on the path to finding the right contract equipment manufacturer for your exact requirements.

Is contract product assembly a cost-effective option?

In one word, yes. Handing over the responsibilities to experts backed by a wealth of experience in product assembly means you get quicker, more professional results.

The cost of operating in-house manufacturing facilities is significant, with a large amount of direct and indirect overheads, such as those associated with buildings, storage, materials, equipment and staff. Using a contract equipment manufacturer means that there is no need to invest your company’s resources infrastructure, giving you a cost-efficient means of high-quality product assembly. This therefore frees up your business’ resources to be utilised in a much more efficient manner in order to grow the business at a much more rapid pace, free from the constraints of managing your product assembly.

Will using contract product assembly services compromise my product quality?

No. One of the main reasons why businesses choose to work with a contract equipment manufacturer is because it utilises its expertise and knowledge to deliver excellent results. In fact, using contract product assembly services can actually improve the quality of your product and enhance your reputation.

Having access to highly skilled personnel and advanced manufacturing technology are two major benefits, as well as tapping into specialist product development skills. Also, an ISO-certified outsourcing partner will carry out your work with strict adherence to national and international standards.

How will using contract product assembly services influence my speed-to-market?

Having the right outsourcing partner can consistently quicken your time-to-market. Armed with the correct processes, resources and stock, they can ensure that your product gets where you want it, when you want it, so that product movement to and from the warehouse goes on without a hitch.

An experienced contract electronics manufacturer provides a wide raft of services and capabilities to seamlessly integrate with your manufacturing process. This will give you the speed-to-market that helps to sharpen your competitive edge in the marketplace.

How do I know if a contract equipment manufacturer is fully committed to my product?

A contract equipment manufacturer effectively slots into your business, exercising its expertise on your behalf and on tap to suit you, as you would expect from a dedicated partner. Since you are handing over the responsibility of product assembly to professionals with specific experience and know-how in that area, you can be rest assured that your products are with committed experts.

You benefit from an end-to-end service that precisely matches your requirements. Any contract equipment manufacturer worth its salt fully understands that with a very low margin for trial and error, your business’ reputation is at stake, so each step of the product assembly process is carried out to the highest standard and your product is always of the highest quality.  

What if there is an issue with my product assembly?

As mentioned above, your outsourcing partner should be committed to the highest quality standards and work hard to ensure that there are no problems with your product assembly. That said, assembly is a complex procedure, making it possible for defects to occur sometimes. If faced with these circumstances, your contract equipment manufacturer will act quickly to fix the problem and at no extra cost to you.


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