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Meet the Team: Shaney Kelly

1 November, 2022

As a Junior Buyer, I’m responsible for sourcing components and any other ad hoc items for client printed circuit board (PCB) builds. Previously, I spent my time as Supplier Compliance Administrator at a fashion warehouse, seeing how non-compliance affected the company. As many in procurement would say, I fell into it, but becoming a buyer felt like a natural step to take.

“Not knowing a lot about electronics presented a fantastic learning opportunity”

As a sub-contractor, we build anything electronical for clients. Products need to be manufactured and that requirement will only grow. When I first started in this field, I didn’t know a huge amount about electronics, but I took it as a fantastic learning opportunity. Innovation and development in electronics is fascinating and ever changing.

“If I went back in time a year or two, I’d buy as many ICs as I could!”

By far, the component crisis has been the biggest challenge I have faced so far. Aggravated by the Covid pandemic - a rising demand for resources, shortage of materials, and various factory shutdowns has caused a shortage of components.

‘Buy up a fair few ICs, trust me!’ - if I could go back a couple years, this is certainly something I would have said. The ongoing global component crisis has affected all industries across the globe; with electronics at the heart of modern living, electronic components are in high demand.

“Our reliance on electronical devices means the need for PCBs can only increase”

The high demand of components has made manufacturing somewhat difficult, however this should ease over the next few years, investments are being made in various countries to resolve the crisis, with new designs and new IC (integrated chip) factories on the horizon.

Looking to the future, I see more demand driving the PCB manufacturing sector. With modern day dependence on electronical devices in all lines of life, the requirement for PCBs will only increase. With a global focus on sustainability and the circular life of products, there will likely be a push to change materials used for manufacture and their longevity.