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Finding a PCB manufacturer during the global chip shortage

20 May, 2021

Often hailed as the unsung heroes of electronics, PCBs are found in almost every tech-driven product on the market today. In fact, without them, we may not have the shiny new electronics we instantly have access to at the click of a mouse or on the shelf in-store; such is the crucial role played by PCBs.

So what would happen if there was a sudden global chip shortage, threatening PCB production and therefore impacting the supply of a plethora of consumer goods, from new cars and smartphones to domestic appliances and children’s toys?

This is exactly the worldwide reality we all currently face, caused by a number of factors which have created the perfect storm. Initially a problem concentrated in the automotive industry, the pandemic has played a big role in disrupting consumer spending patterns, with remote working driving a surge in demand for PCs and smartphones. This has only added to major car makers’ woes, such as the likes of Tesla, already facing a potential EV battery shortage.  

A fire at a semiconductor chip plant in Japan in March has only served to compound the issue, further increasing lead times on many parts. This all points to a problem that isn’t going anywhere soon, and is only set to get worse before the situation improves.

PCB order fulfilment guarantee

While this is creating a huge spanner in the works for manufacturers across the globe, leading PCB assembly specialists such as UK Circuits are seeing an uptick in orders as customers look to guarantee stock.

For manufacturers searching for a trusted PCB partner, here are several overriding reasons why we at UK Circuits can provide you with complete peace of mind and quality assurance now during this global chip shortage and for the future, through our vast number of manufacturing services and assembly options.

Global PCB procurement supply chain

Including full turnkey or assembly from free issue components, we at UK Circuits offer a range of procurement options to suit your requirements. Our procurement offering is backed by a dedicated procurement team of experienced buyers, all utilising their in-depth expertise to ensure pricing targets are met and long-term supply is sourced.

Drawing on our vast pool of global, well established, reputable distributors and supply partners including our offshore partnerships, our committed supply chain team can purchase your parts and manage your stock handling to ultimately fulfil your requirements. Gaining advantage from more than 20 years’ experience and expertise procuring parts for our clients, our national and international customers can rest assured that they are in the best professional hands for all their PCB assembly needs.

As part of our procurement services, we handle all materials and stock, providing unique part numbers to the stock items ensuring full traceability throughout the manufacturing process.

In conjunction with our technical support services, we can guarantee client project delivery is to the highest quality and always meets customer expectation.

PCB customer support

We understand the true importance of customer relationships. That is why, thanks to our customer orientated team, we provide ongoing communication to nurture our valuable partnership with you and ensure at all times, from start to finish, we offer our support and specialist expertise. Our ‘hands on’ account management team means that you are kept informed at every stage of the PCB production process. We also provide a single point of contact with all new product introductions providing support and a focal point for any issues either in the factory or supply chain.

We are proud to share with you that numerous clients are now regarded as long-standing partnerships, testimony to the level of quality and service levels provided, always giving the client the best overall solution.

In keeping with our primary focus on you, the customer and in line with our ethos underpinned by quality, UK Circuits is also audited regularly to ensure we maintain full traceability for critical components and materials.

Choose UK Circuits as your PCB assembly expert

As the global chip shortage is expected to continue for some time, it is wise for PCB manufacturers to choose a reliable, experienced expert in PCB assembly, one that can ensure high-quality PCB supply. Surely, this is the one vital step that you need to take now to help avoid production ceasing altogether, putting your entire business at risk. 

Contact the team at UK Circuits now on +44 (0)161 654 5969 or via email: