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Fact vs Fiction: the truth about contract electronics manufacturing myths

24 March, 2021

Outsourcing your product manufacturing could be one of the best decisions your business ever made. A steadily growing number of OEMs and Tier 1 companies are reaping the rewards of doing this.

Yet reticence remains in some quarters, as many haven’t quite made the leap just yet. Their reluctance could be down to one overriding factor – the myths that simply won’t go away and tend to unjustly stick to contract electronics manufacturing, which can block the route to business development and cause harm to bottom lines.

This is unfortunate, as it means many are not gaining the benefits of outsourcing and are instead missing out.

We have pulled together an overview to single out – and quash - those rumours about contract electronics manufacturing, so that when you’re considering working with a contract electronics manufacturer, you can look beyond these untruths when selecting the right partner.


FICTION: Outsourcing to a contract electronics manufacturer is an expensive business.

One thing that is certain is that there are significant costs to operating in-house manufacturing facilities, with both direct and indirect overheads. Factors to consider include investment in space, storage equipment, stock and materials, recruiting employees and supply management and, training and retention.

Not only that, but maintenance and upgrade of machinery is inevitable as technology advances and customer demands change. This is where an expert contract electronics manufacturer can help; partnering with one means that you benefit from high-quality product manufacturing that is cost efficient without the need to plough significant investment into infrastructure. You don’t have to worry about paying for staff absences either, as this is also taken care of.

FACT: Outsourcing enables your business to make critical cost-savings.


FICTION: Using a contract electronics manufacturer means that product quality is comprised.

High quality is embedded in the DNA of any experienced contract electronics manufacturer.  Highly skilled personnel, specialist product development expertise and advanced product manufacturing technology should form the bedrock of any professional CEM’s offering, enabling you to reap significant benefit.

Additionally, partnering with an ISO-certified contract electronics manufacturer ensures a consistent level of excellence through its adherence to national and international standards, to provide you with a competitive advantage in today’s global marketplace.

FACT: Working with an outsourced electronics manufacturer enhances the quality of your product.


FICTION: Using a contract electronics manufacturer means slower time-to-market.

With hands-on experience and advanced skills, a contract electronics manufacturer has the processes, resources and stock in place to accelerate the pace of production in a quality-controlled manner to ensure that your product gets to market in the required timeframe.

An experienced contract electronics manufacturer will seamlessly integrate with your manufacturing process, offering unique flexibility to meet any changes in specification and demand in an efficient and quick manner. This gives your business a speed-to-market to strengthen your position in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

FACT: A contract manufacturing service specialist enables your company to achieve improved time to market.


FICTION: A contract electronics manufacturer won’t be fully committed to your product

Just as your business places huge value on building a solid reputation, similarly a professional contract electronics manufacturer fully understands the importance of establishing successful customer relationships through its high-quality service offering. It is something that a CEM wholly depends on.

An experienced, specialist CEM becomes your business partner, applying its dedicated expertise on your behalf, in accordance with your exact requirements, when you need it.

An expert partner is fully dedicated to achieving operational excellence at every stage of the manufacturing process, ensuring consistently high standards for the good of your business. 

FACT: Your business benefits from a CEM dedicated to providing unrivalled commitment to customer focused partnerships.


Knowing the difference between fact and fiction regarding contract electronics manufacturing is crucial, as it opens up to OEMs and Tier 1 manufacturers the clear possibilities and game-changing benefits that outsourcing affords. If one thing is true, it is that by selecting the right contract electronics manufacturer and outsourcing, you will only add value and improve your business.

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