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Commitment to

Recycling and Sustainability

As part of a real commitment to recycling and sustainability, Sky refurbishes it's TV boxes for longer life. Hard drives are wiped and power supply units (PSUs) are received by UK Circuits for re-work.

The Sky green initiative requires that the re-worked PSUs are returned to use with customers lead-free. UK Circuits uses a lead-free process to remove 15 electrolytic capacitors from the PSUs and replace them with approved new versions which has a tested, guaranteed 12 month lifespan.

Testing and traceability are of paramount importance in the contract – UK Circuits carries out phases to deliver full compliance to Sky providing optical inspection of polarity, functional testing, barcode scanning and logging for traceability along with control of packing and shipping.

In a daily turnaround of almost 1000 units at peak, UK Circuits has delivered 1.5m refurbished capacitors over the past three years. UK Circuits is one of only a handful of companies who will undertake re-work projects, as these contracts demand that the company takes a high degree of responsibility for the quality of the finished product.