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Ensuring success

Neon-lit fa├žade

DIY giant B&Q wanted to refresh a tired neon-lit façade sign at their Stockport store and needed a sustainable, fast-turnaround installation which would deliver energy cost savings and consistent brightness over time.

Partnering with B&Qs own maintenance provider, Product Plan, UK Circuits’ 15 years of development experience in the field of LEDs was crucial to understanding the capabilities required for the project and the component sourcing which would ensure success.

With a short timescale of eight weeks from concept to delivery, a tight budget and in the face of adverse weather conditions, the disintegrating neon tubes were replaced with 4,560 individual LEDs. The design incorporated eight LEDs for each circuit board and an eight hour production turnaround on the assembly line. A prototype 4.3m x 3.3m letter B was laid out on the production facility floor and mounting took three days.