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We welcome the opportunity to work with clients at the development stage of their printed circuit board as this point is vital to ensure a smooth transition and high yield from prototype build to full production. Engineering support is provided (if requested) to share their experience in evaluating and assisting in the manufacturability of the PCB or product.

Our range of

Technical services

Design for Test

Design for Test (DFT) again, as DFM, if the board is designed for test, then this will facilitate a quicker more efficient comprehensive test, thus giving better coverage and hence increased reliability. Simple techniques as designing in test pads and nodal pads, aid the test process and fault finding capabilities.

Design for Manufacture

Design for Manufacture (DFM) provides advice on component selection, problems in procuring the component (allocation and single source supply), problems with processing the component are all given attention at the early design stage. If the problem can be designed out at the prototype stages this will impact significantly on the cost of manufacture, continuity of supply and product reliability.

Production readiness reviews and documentation

UK Circuits can provide production readiness reviews and documentation, providing project plans of timescales and milestones required to make a “first off” PCB. This can be as simple as a spread sheet or Microsoft project planning tool. A next level PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) can be provided to satisfy our most stringent automotive clients.

A single point of contact

UK Circuits will provide a single point of contact with all new product introductions providing support and a focal point for any issues either in the factory or supply chain.

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Other Capabilities