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We ensure

Quality compliance and future reliability

Ensuring your products leave UK Circuits to the highest quality standard is a priority to us, with every circuit board tested and inspected as requested by the customer prior to delivery.

We have invested significantly in both manual and automated test equipment to ensure quality compliance and future reliability. 

Our Optical Inspection equipment

Two Optical inspection systems 2 x iScan AOI Version 4.0

This Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) checks for Skewed, incorrect polarity, missing components, tombstone, incorrect component, solder bridging, misplaced components, and bent leads. This ensures quality compliance and providing future reliability in the field, thus ensuring better production efficiency and ensuring the highest possible outgoing quality.

Advanced lighting Optical HD Inspection facility, Mantis vision systems and USB microscopes.

Defect coverage includes all SMT and PTH parts down to 01005, part presence/absence verification, part polarity and pin #1 orientation, part position and skew errors, laser marking, wrong part and device differences such as labels and colour variations.

Superior Standards

Compliance and Accreditation

UK Circuits is certified under the rigorous requirements of ISO 9001:2015. Our environmental considerations are accredited by ISO 14001, our continuing WEEE and ROHS compliance certification.

Our quality assurance procedures make certain that each project, large or small is carried out in conformance to that project’s quality control plan to achieve predictable and repeatable production.

UK Circuits can form part of our client’s process where the stringent standards for COP and UL approval are required for their products. UK Circuits is audited regularly to ensure we maintain full traceability for critical components and materials.

Technical Support

As part of our robust quality procedures, we also offer full Technical support at any stage of your project.

That's not all

Other Capabilities