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UK Circuits offers a vast number of manufacturing services and assembly options.

Our Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly service range’s from Surface Mount Assembly (SMT), Conventional (through hole) assembly, through to complex enclosure and “box” build and control panel assembly, UK Circuits offers a harness and wiring facility for all internally wired and assembled enclosures and panels.

These services range from initial prototype production, using DFM and DFT technology, through to manufacture and assembly and test of complex circuit boards in low to high volumes. Using only ROHS compliant materials, UK Circuits continues to provide full lead free equipment and process control.

Key capabilities

Four automated (independent) production lines

Each machine having a placement speed of up to 22,000 components per hour or 0.16 sec / component

Large board capacity up to 1200mm

Two Automatic Optical Inspection machines

Quick prototyping service

Assembly from “golden” sample or detailed drawings


Manufacturing Services

Surface Mount PCB Assembly (SMT)

UK Circuits has invested heavily in world class assembly technology and equipment to ensure we provide all aspects of SMT and deliver to the highest standard.

We have four Yamaha (iPulse) SMT assembly lines - 2 x M20 + M10, 1 x M20 and 1 x  M6ez each capable of different head configurations to suit capacity and technology demands, providing high feeder capacity and a wide component range.

These can be configured to handle standard SMT tape and loose components. Feeder banks can be specified with directly interchangeable removal tray handlers and off line feeder loading, which allows quick changeovers from program to program.

Re-Flow Ovens 

UK Circuits recognises that in order to get the best optimal solder joint, the solder reflow technology is vital in producing high yields and tight process control. The choice of reflow oven is Heller.

The Heller heater modules respond to less than one second to temperature changes which can be less than 0.1ºC, thereby maintaining profile integrity for heavy board loads. A wide process window for "universal profiling" - allows many different boards to be run on a single temperature profile.

The inbuilt innovative software package provides three levels of process control from Oven CpK, to Process CpK and Product Traceability, this software ensures that all parameters are optimised and SPC reporting is fast and easy.

Conventional (through hole) assembly

UK Circuits team of highly skilled operators are trained to IPC-A-600 and IPC 7711/7721, providing a fully equipped conventional PCB assembly facility.

Our technicians use an array of tools and equipment to solder by hand or automatically. With a dedicated Blundell cropmatic cropping system and a Sun east lead free wave soldering system, we can provide automated through hole assembly from a sample or detailed drawings.

Conformal coating and humidity testing

UK Circuits has its own in-house coating service and can coat circuit boards in basic acrylics or any non-silicon coating as specified by the customer. Specialist coatings (Silicon, Paralyne) can be outsourced as requested. In order to ensure maximum protection of circuit boards, humidity and moisture testing can be undertaken.

Final assembly and 'Box' build

Full turnkey production is the next logical step for many of our clients, UK Circuits provides a one stop shop for all box build and enclosure assembly. Using the previously assembled and tested board, UK Circuits can build this into an enclosure and wire up the external interfaces to the assembly. UK Circuits can provide advice on plastic enclosures, whether they be off the shelf or custom designed. Metal enclosures ranging from simple rack mounted assemblies to machine from solid, fabricated or cast metal housings can also be sourced as required. 

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